Here you’ll find a number of useful articles to help you understand exactly how Entertainment Effects works.

5 Iconic Movie Scenes With Rain Effects

In just a couple of months, Coronavirus has impacted millions of people around the world. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing further COVID-19 measures, including the closure of cafes and restaurants, to cinemas and gyms, UK residents are now encouraged to...

5 Iconic Brand Anniversary Celebrations

Your brand heritage is unique to you, and letting people in on your history is a great way to cement what you stand for as a company. Special dates are an easy way to do this, so it’s no surprise that some of the biggest and most iconic brands have made a big deal of...

Emerging Brands In 2019

What’s the next big household name? Check out some of the newest and most exciting brands to watch in 2019. Want to make an impact with your brand? We can help you to organise unforgettable product launch events, marketing stunts and brand activation activities with...

6 Of The Craziest Celebrity Parties

Everyone loves a party – and with unlimited cash and A-list friends, celebrity shindigs are a recipe for over-the-top, outlandish festivities. Check out some of the biggest and craziest celebrity parties of all time. Pyrotechnics at the Candyshop Mansion Instagram...

The Best Corporate Summer Staff Parties!

Every business, no matter how large or small, is driven by its workforce, and it’s no surprise that if you search for the ‘best companies in the UK’ you will find those at the top are the ones that invest heavily in fostering a positive workplace for their staff....


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