Here you’ll find a number of useful articles to help you understand exactly how Entertainment Effects works.

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

The best way to ensure that your event runs successfully is to plan and be prepared. Use our party planning checklist to guarantee first-class festivities. Before you start Your checklist is there to help you achieve your goals, so the first step is to note down your...

Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Guy Fawkes’ night is an enjoyable evening for children and adults alike. Following some simple bonfire night safety tips will make sure it’s a night to remember for the right reasons. If you’re attending an organised fireworks display then safety will be the highest...

The Growth of Women’s Participation in Sport

It’s been more than a year since the This Girl Can campaign showed us how, with a bit of sweat, determination and jiggling flesh of all shapes and sizes, women can achieve their sporting goals. Since the campaign, 2.8 million 14-40 year old women say they have been inspired to increase their amount of exercise or play sport. In England, women playing all types of sport, from cricket to athletics, is at an all-time high of over 7.2 million.

The 5 Hottest Special Effects Trends

Special effects are all about creating a wow factor. While classic effects like pyrotechnics will always entertain, a creative approach to special effects allows you to go one step further to amaze and delight your audience by putting on a spectacle they haven’t seen before.