Event Branding Products

We have a range of unique, colourful event branding products which draw attention and incorporate an advertising space. Certain products can be combined with our special effects and water effects to create an exciting marketing opportunity.


Branded Banners


If you’re looking for a cost effective way to inject some colour into your event, then our air banners are an ideal option. They are available in any colour you wish and can be branded with logos or pictures.

Using a lightweight fabric, we are able to fly vertical banners to create a continually moving, eye-catching effect on which you can display a picture, logo or statement design – they are entirely your creation.

The banners use large industrial fans to create an up-draft meaning that the lightweight material continuously moves.

Air Banners are available in two sizes:


  • 3m wide and up to 5m high
  • 1.5m wide and 4m high


A bright and cost effective way of spreading colour and impact across your event. Using a special, lightweight cloth, the continually moving, eye-catching effect can include any colour of the rainbow.


  • These products are 1m wide and 4m tall.
Colour Blasts
Branded Truss
Branded Truss
Branded Truss
Branded Truss


We use truss structures to create a variety of frameworks which can be used to draw focus to key moments within an event such as start and finish lines or a team entrance onto a pitch.

The truss can be used as a marketing opportunity with corporate branding. Special effects products such as flames, pyrotechnics and lights can also be added to draw extra attention.

We’ve created branded truss structures for several sporting events. Different sizes and shapes (L-Shapes and T-Piece sections) are available, alongside a range of varying branding options using Foamex boarding, vinyl and banners.


The goalpost formation is a classic option, creating a smart gateway for people to pass directly through. That being said, archways are also a popular design.

There are numerous branding options available to you:


  • Horizontal bar
  • Uprights and horizontal
  • Front, two-sided or all four sides
  • Foamex board
  • Vinyl banners


We like to create different shapes and designs that complement the event. For this reason, a range of special effects can be attached to the truss to mark the special moment when VIP’s pass through. 

These include: 

Smaller safety distances can be used due to the direction the product is fired (away from the individuals).


The finish line is iconic in any race and often provides a key photographic moment when the winner crosses the line to victory. Utilise this great marketing space to get the main sponsors name in prime position for photographs.


Rather than just being functional, we’ve created a larger casing for our special effects products and created a fantastic marketing space to use at any event.

Key information:


Branded SFX


Bring your brand to life with our range of inflatable branded products, including:

  • Totem Poles
  • Archways
  • Custom Shapes and Characters
  • Product Replicas
  • Windy Men


Think one of our event branding products could work for you? Speak to our specialist team for a quote or more information on 01707 269 566, or contact us directly by filling out our online contact form


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