If you’re looking for AIRMAZING then we’re still here, we’ve just changed our name, but you’ll still find all the same great products here. If this is your first time visiting us then welcome to the Event Branding Department of Entertainment Effects.


We have a range of unique colourful products which draw attention and incorporate an advertising space. Certain products can be combined with our special effects to create an exciting marketing opportunity.


Branded Banners


Using a lightweight fabric we are able to fly vertical banners to create a continually moving, eye-catching effect on which you can display an picture, logo or statement design – they are entirely your creation.

Air Banners are available in 2 sizes: 3m wide and up to 5m high or 1.5m wide and 4m high.


A bright and cost effective way of spreading colour and impact across your event. Using a special lightweight cloth the continually moving, eye-catching effect can include any colour of the rainbow.

The product is 1m wide and 4m tall.

Colour Blasts
Branded Truss


We’ve created branded truss structures for several sporting events. Different sizes and shapes are available and can be used to create start / finish lines or entrance features which teams or players can enter the pitch through.

Different branding options are available using Foamex boarding, vinyl and banners.

Special effects such as flames or pyrotechnics can also be added to the features.


Rather than just being functional we’ve created a larger casing for our special effects products and created a fantastic marketing space to use at any event.

Our special effect products are usually positioned close to the cameras and with a flame or pyrotechnic being fired out of the top they draw plenty of attention.

Branding on up to four sides and capable of firing four different effects consecutively: Flame, CO2, Pyrotechnics and Confetti.

Branded SFX
Branded Inflatables


We have a range of inflatable branded products which can bring a brand to life.
Products include:

  • Totem Poles
  • Archways
  • Windy Men
  • Custom Shapes and Characters
  • Product Replicas


Urban Decay - an Entertainment Effects client
Tom Ford - an Entertainment Effects client
Speedo - an Entertainment Effects client
Scottish Rugby - an Entertainment Effects client
The Scottish FA - an Entertainment Effects client
Kew Royal Botanical Gardens - an Entertainment Effects client
innocent smoothie logo
Samsung - an Entertainment Effects client
ITV - an Entertainment Effects client
EasyJet - an Entertainment Effects client
Center Parcs - an Entertainment Effects client
Budweiser - an Entertainment Effects client
The Royal Yacht Britannia Logo
Adidas Logo - an Entertainment Effects client