A Bubble Tube is a mesmerising column of bubbled water which is enhanced with coloured light. ​The colour can be chosen from a wide variety to suit the surroundings or it can fade between a whole spectrum of colours . The individual bubbles catch and reflect the bright LED located in the base of the bubble tube making it a striking feature. Each acrylic tube is a self-contained free-standing structure filled with water and contains thousands of small bubbles which rise to the surface. Our Bubble Tube hires are great for decorating entrances, filling open spaces or catching people’s eye for exhibitions or club nights.


Their purpose is ultimately decorative but they can be used to create a dividing wall or welcoming entrance feature.They can also be used to attract customers to an exhibition stand and showcase products, we are also able to float products inside the tubes making them even more eye catching.

A quality vinyl logo can be fixed onto the Bubble Tube, highlighting your brand, conveying a corporate statement or detailing information for your event.  ​

They can be used for:

  • Temporary in-store POS feature
  • Product Launch
  • Party venue decoration
  • Build into part of an exhibition stand


Bubble Tube Hire
Product Launch – Garnier
Bubble Tube
Wedding Venue
Bubble Tube UK
Product Launch – Urban Decay
Bubble Tube Event
Under Water Themed Party
Hilton, Heathrow
Wella logo
Bank of England logo
Garnier logo
Urban Decay - an Entertainment Effects client
L'oreal logo
Tom Ford - an Entertainment Effects client