Our LED bubble wall offers a sleek, sophisticated wall of gently bubbling water. The walls consists of a constant flow of bubbles rising gently to the surface, with each bubble catching and reflecting the bright LED lighting located in the base. The colour of the walls can be adjusted suiting the surroundings and multiple units can be placed side by side creating a larger water feature.

We only deal in temporary installations for events, so unfortunately we cannot accommodate permanent installations.

We are currently in the process of replacing our stock of bubble walls. Please contact us, as depending on your timeline, we may still be able to provide you with what you need.

Contact our team of experts on 01707 269 566 to discuss your project in detail.


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Tom Ford  Selfridges

Room Divide  OXO Tower


The bubble wall is made from two acrylic sheets, with a small void in between them. The cavity is filled with water and then air is released in the bottom, creating bubbles which then rise up through the wall until they reach the top of the waterline. 

A colour changing LED strip light sits at the bottom of each bubble wall which shines brightly to illuminate the water in a full spectrum of colours, all of which can easily be changed using a remote control.


  • Exhibition Stands – Our LED bubble walls can easily be incorporated into your display to help attract attention to passers-by. The moving water is very eye-catching.
  • In-store Displays – Vinyl logo’s can easily be attached to the walls to incorporate your companies branding or product messaging.
  • Entrance Features – Welcome your guests with a wall of colour.  You can also add event information such as table plans or dinner menus on a vinyl sticker.
  • Dividing Wall – Use the wall to create a screen to hide a doorway, or separate areas like the bar and dancefloor or a VIP lounge.


  • Power – We will need a 13 or 16 amp socket to power the water pumps and lights.
  • Flat Surface – We need a stable and level surface to position any LED bubble walls.
  • Water Supply – The quantity of water required is quite small, only a few litres per wall, so if there isn’t any available, we can bring our own. We usually put filtered water in to reduce the limescale build-up.
  • Water Management – The water may need to be changed every few days if you’re looking to showcase a longer installation. The water can also evaporate if it’s located in a warm shop or sunny window, so may need topping up every now and then.



At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events so do not work on permanent installations in houses or restaurants for example.

The installation is quick and simple, we just need to carry the bubble wall into the venue and place it in position.  We then fill it with water and plug in the power and it’s ready to go.


The only restriction for use is that our installation team require a flat and stable surface to position the wall alongside a power supply to plug it in.


Once your LED bubble wall is installed, you can use it for as long as you wish. Most of our clients require the feature to be running for the duration of their event. That being said, the walls are enclosed systems, so they can run continuously.


Obviously, water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose. We complete a site-specific RAMS document, detailing our Risk Assessment and Method Statement in detail.