Christmas is such a magical time of the year, so why not get in the festive spirit by illuminating your venue with some beautiful Christmas themed lights. We have a wide range of products to provide a variety of features all round your venue. We could even make a Christmas trail that your guests could walk around including Shooting Stars, Giant Christmas trees and presents as well as subtle tree lighting and festive shapes shone on the floor or buildings. We can provide a complete package including design, hire or purchase, storage, installation and take down together with all necessary testing, repair and refurbishment.



Large bright LED star with a 4m tail. Large enough to be impactful on their own or several can be hung together to make a scene.

Easily attached between two trees.


Available in 2 and 3m heights and in a range of colours.

Position the trees individually as part of a varied feature area or group a number together to make a Christmas tree forest.


If you’re looking for a standout decoration then our Gian Illuminated Christmas Tree is perfect for a central feature.

We’ve made 6 and 8m tall trees but we can build them taller if that’s what you need.


A gobo light uses stencils or templates that are placed inside a light source, which casts a specific pattern of light and shadow.

We position the lights so that they shine down on the floor or onto your building and then you decide which choice of festive shapes you want to include: Snowflakes, Stars, Christmas Trees, Santa or anything else you desire.


Transform a dark forest or treelined area by adding uplighting to the trees. We’re able to illuminate beautiful areas without making it overly bright or overpowering.

We can install colour changing lights which can scroll through a cycle of colours and give the illusion that the trees are moving.

Why not add a music accompaniment playing from the distance where the trees change colour in time to the music.