CO2 special effects are perfect for creating a smoke effect for any event, from making a dramatic entrance to adding a great effect to any celebration. The jets are very versatile and the CO2 can be walked through without danger and it will then disappear without any residue left behind. These dramatic CO2 jets are perfect for repeat usage in almost any scenario including sports events, award ceremonies and concerts. Multiple CO2 jets can create an exciting chase sequence across a stage, outside a grand entrance to a venue or alongside a sports pitch.


The key advantage of CO2 special effects is the reduced safety distance required compared to some other special effects. Although operational outdoors the best results are achieved indoors as the gas is susceptible to the wind. The safety distances from the jets are a mere 2 metres ensuring maximum excitement levels!

If you’re new to pyrotechnics and have never included them in an event before then don’t worry as our experienced team are on hand to assist you and explain all the options available. Our dedicated team are available to assist you throughout the concept, design and execution stages of the project. We’ll provide site specific risk assessments and ensure that your event is handled with total professionalism and safety.


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