Our confetti effects and streamers have been incorporated into numerous different types of events including presentations, fashion shows and product launches as well as major sporting events. Ideal for creating spectacular moments and scenes, our confetti solutions offer maximum impact on audiences and coverage with the flexibility to suit your particular needs.

We have a number of devices which we can accurately fire the product from dependant on the quantity and duration required. Entertainment Effects stocks a wide range of confetti and streamer colours which means that we are able to turnaround some projects very quickly depending on your requirements.

The full range of our confetti products can be shipped within 5 days. Our expert team will help you create the exact effect you need to elevate your event whilst advising on which products will suit your venue and budget best.


All of our confetti and streamers are flame retardant, colour fast and come in a variety of colours and shapes.  Entertainment Effects can help you coordinate your confetti with a team, corporate event theme or just your favourite colour! Both are available in metallic and paper formats, the latter being bio-degradable.


The Superblaster ​delivers vast amounts of confetti very quickly with an output up to 10-15 kilos of confetti per minute.  It can launch the confetti up to 25m (wind dependant), so they are great for large dance events, festivals and arena / stadium events.

These machines are a manual effect and require a technician per machine to operate them.  They are powered by CO2 gas, the size of the bottle used determines the maximum time the device can be used for.

Confetti Event
Swirl Fan


​The Swirl Fan is designed to create a silent storm of confetti. The key advantage to using the swirl fan is that it’s very discreet and can deliver the confetti as a complete surprise.

It can be mounted in a truss or roof beam and can be easily controlled from floor level. It’s also easy to link multiple machines to be controlled by a single operator. Because of its low noise fan, this confetti effect is perfect for theatres, television and fashion shows.


The Stadium Shot is the most powerful confetti streamer cannon available. The Stadium Shot will give an instant single burst of confetti up to 20 mtrs, streamers up to 30 meters and stadium streamers up to 50 metres.

The stadium shot is powered by compressed air and requires an electronic firing system to be operated by a trained technician.

Stadium Shot
Confetti Cannons


The Electric Air Cannon is designed to fire streamers, glitter or confetti up to 15 metres, at any angle, with minimum noise. It is particularly useful in venues where pyrotechnics are not an option. The product is available in 2 sizes 40 and 80cm and can be filled with metallic or paper tissue.

The product requires an electronic firing system in order to be operated by a trained technician.


Products are available in tissue paper which is fire retardant and biodegradable or a shiny metallic finish.

Confetti Hire


To ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible we are able to rig some of the confetti effects at the event and move them into position at the last moment before firing. To keep the element of surprise we also aim to locate equipment as discreetly as possible to make the spectacular plume of colour a surprise for your audience or guests.


Confetti Shower
Arsenal’s FA Cup Victory Parade
The Emirates Stadium, London
Confetti Celebrations
Virgin Atlantics 30th Birthday
Central London
Confetti Machines
Celtics Title Presentation
Celtic Park, Glasgow
Metallic Streamers
European Rugby Final