Our confetti machines and cannons are ideal for creating spectacular moments and scenes at any event, be it a product launch or a fashion show.

All of the effects below are designed to suit your particular needs, with different firing options and confetti types available.


Throwing confetti is a tradition that goes back centuries – most commonly seen at weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries. However, advances in technology mean that the tradition can be replicated on a much larger scale.

Our products are perfect for:

  • Presentations
  • Parades
  • Fashion Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Sports Tournaments/Competitions

Magpie Studio wanted a fun team picture for their new website that would really showcase their creative side, so we burst giant balloons of multi-coloured confetti over them.

Following their victory over Hull at Wembley, the Arsenal team returned to Emirates Stadium where we showered them in confetti and streamers in front of thousands of supporters.


Our expert team are on hand to help you create the exact effect needed to elevate your event, advising on the best products that will suit your chosen venue, theme and budget.

For large scale events, we can fire and/or release confetti from a choice of several different machines.



  • Shoots vast amounts of confetti very quickly with an output up to 10-15 kilos per minute.
  • Can launch the confetti up to 25m (wind dependent), so is great for large dance events and festivals held within arenas and stadiums.
  • Powered by CO2 gas. Choose from small, medium or large gas canisters (the size of the canister determines the length of time the confetti can be fired for).

Requires one trained technician per machine in order to operate.

Fires confetti only.

Confetti Event
Swirl Fan



  • Designed to create a silent storm of confetti.
  • Is very discreet and can deliver the confetti as a complete surprise.
  • Because of its low noise fan, this machine is perfect for theatres, television and fashion shows.
  • Can be mounted in a truss or roof beam and can be easily controlled from floor level.

Easily linked to multiple machines, so can be controlled by a single, trained technician.

Fires confetti only.



  • The most powerful confetti cannon available.
  • Gives an instant, single burst of confetti.


  • Up to 20 metres when packed with tissue/metallic confetti.
  • Up to 30 metres when packed with streamers.
  • Up to 50 metres when packed with stadium streamers (very large strips of coloured metallic material).

The cannon is powered by compressed air and an electronic firing system, so needs to be operated by a trained technician.

Can fire confetti or streamers/stadium streamers.

Stadium Shot
Confetti Cannons



  • Are designed to fire tissue/metallic confetti or streamers up to 15 metres, at any angle, with minimum noise.
  • Particularly useful in venues where pyrotechnics are not an option.
  • Are available in two sizes – 40cm or 80cm.

Event crew or guests can fire these, making it a very simple and cost effective option for any event.

Can fire confetti or streamers.


Metallic confetti or biodegradable tissue confetti – both fire retardant.

Metallic streamers – long ribbons with a shiny finish.

All of our loose confetti and streamers come in a variety of non-fading colours.

Confetti (also known as flutter-fetti):

Compromises of small pieces of coloured material (tissue or metallic).  Each piece is incredibly light with a large surface area, so it falls slowly to the ground once it has been launch.


  • Can be fired from a range of devices, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Available in a variety of shapes including hearts, petals or even fake money (perfect for a Las Vegas themed party).


  • When fired from any device above, it will only travel a short distance (5-20 metres).
  • Clean-up is difficult (thousands of pieces of confetti will need to be swept or hoovered up, especially if metallic confetti is your preferred choice).


These are very long strips of coloured metallic material, tightly rolled into a reel. These come in different sizes, widths and lengths.


  • Each piece is significantly heavier and more aerodynamic than a piece of confetti, meaning they can be propelled further – approximately 12-50 metres.
  • Far easier to clean up (can be simply gathered and coiled in your hands).


  • Can only be fired from a compressed air cannon (Stadium Shot or Handheld Confetti Cannons), so the range of devices to fire from is limited.
  • The extra weight means that it falls to earth quicker than standard tissue/metallic confetti.

Confetti or Streamers – Which should I choose?


  • Metallic confetti is more popular because of its bright and shining material. However, it’s non-biodegradable and therefore more commonly used at indoor events.
  • Tissue confetti is biodegradable and will dissolve instantly on the ground when in contact with water, so is most commonly used at outdoor events.


The full range of confetti machines and cannons can be shipped within 5 days, along with the loose confetti to accompany them.

We stock a wide range of confetti and streamers in a variety of colours and shapes at our Hertfordshire based warehouse, meaning that we are often able to turnaround projects extremely quickly.

To ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, our team of experts are able to rig some of the confetti effects at the event and move them into position at the last moment before firing.

To maintain the element of surprise, we also aim to locate equipment as discreetly as possible, making the spectacular plume of colour a surprise for your audience or guests.


The Master Blaster is powered by CO2 gas canisters weighing up to 100kg. These can’t be moved quickly and need to be well secured so that they don’t fall over and cause injury.


Confetti effects are most commonly used for a celebratory moment or trophy presentation.


  • On average, a confetti shower will last between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Tissue/metallic confetti shapes will generally be fired continuously throughout the period.
  • Streamers will be fired in a number of consecutive volleys in order to produce a constant stream of colour.


Confetti machines and cannons have the fewest health and safety considerations of all our special effects because the products don’t contain any explosive content or generate heat. All of our loose confetti and streamers are also flame retardant.

Important factors to consider:

  • Our Master Blaster machine uses compressed gas in cannons to distribute the confetti at high speed, so there is a possibility of causing injury if the product is not operated correctly.
  • It’s important to ensure that there are no obstructions in front of the machines/cannons, looking at the trajectory firing angle and the distance that the confetti will travel. Common obstacles include lights, ceiling height and of course, the audience, crowd and guests.


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The Emirates Stadium, London
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