Our interactive digital waterfall and curtain (sometimes referred to as a digital spelling wall) is modular in design, utilising water droplets to create falling text, shapes and images in varying sizes.

The possibilities are endless with this water effect. Allow your guests to determine the text or shape that appears in the water, or include a swing or platform that people can sit on and walk along. The water wall comes complete with sensors to stop the water flow, so you don’t have to worry about your guests getting wet!

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The digital waterfall reads graphic files and switches fast acting valves on and off, printing 100 horizontal lines per second to produce falling sections of water with your chosen shapes and letters.

You’ll need to supply our team with your graphics, logos or text in advance of the event, in a black and white graphic file (shades of grey cannot be displayed). To ensure maximum readability, standard letters should not be narrower than 45px.

A digital waterfall measuring three metres can display words that have up to five wide letters.

This water effect is available in 1 metre increments and we offer features from 2-7 metres in width. The height is also flexible, ranging from 2-6 metres in half meter increments.

Digital Waterfall with Interactive Tablet

Digital Waterfall with Walkway

Digital Waterfall with Swing


  • The feature is available in widths between 2m and 7m.
  • Up to nine different programs of shapes and text can be pre-loaded.
  • It’s also possible for viewers to display their own words and shapes by drawing on an iPad and application with their finger.
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth with an approximate range of 15 metres.
  • After pressing the start button, the water printer immediately stops printing the default program to display the shapes drawn by the viewer three times. The machine then returns to printing the default program.


  • By adding a central platform to span the catchment tank, we can create a fantastic entrance feature for your event.
  • As guests traverse the platform, sensors detect their movement as they approach the water and it stops the flow, allowing the guests to pass through from one side of the falling water to the other.
  • The platform and the steps are grated and covered with a metal mesh, allowing even those wearing high heels to pass through.
  • 20cm high cables can be led along the sides of the platform to highlight to viewers which areas are safe to walk across and which are not.


  • A platform and swing are placed within the water tank, allowing viewers to swing within the falling water.
  • The feature is equipped with sensors which anticipate the movement of the swing and close the water flow in advance so that the user can pass to the other side of the water wall without getting wet.
  • We offer installations with one or two swings which can be adapted to users of any age.
  • To ensure structure stability, four IBC tanks filled with water are used.
  • Height range: 3.8m, 4.3m, 4.8m or 5.3m.
  • The minimum width is four meters for a single swing and six meters for a double swing.


  • Product Launches – The digital waterfall’s ability to display a logo or key messages within water makes it an ideal effect for any corporate event. Draw focus towards your business and grab the attention of guests from the get-go!
  • Social Events – Allow guests to walk in between the waterfall and discover the delights of your event venue on the other side.The interactive entrance feature of this product is a great way to WOW your guests from the very moment they arrive at your party. 
  • Exhibition Stands – Make your exhibition area stand out from the competition and truly attract the attention of passers by – they’ll be queuing up to come and speak to you about your brand!


  • Location – We require a flat surface to position the product.
  • Visibility – The visibility of the water can be improved with the addition of lighting. The best water visibility is obtained against a dark background.
  • Power – We will require a power source to run the pumps.
  • Water source – We will require a water source (a standard kitchen or bathroom tap will be sufficient).
  • Water tank width – 1.5m for indoor installations / 2.5m for external installations. The water wall length is 1m smaller than the total length.
  • Dressing – The product can be dressed to align with the style of your event.



At Entertainment Effects, we specialise in temporary installations for events but do not work on permanent installations.

We start by building a water tank which doubles as the water source and catchment area for the falling water.

Amount of water in the system:

  • 250l x total machine length for outdoor installations.
  • 500l x total machine length for indoor installations.

Next, we construct a truss support system for the water screen.

A submersible pump then pushes the water up a feed hose into the rain bar, which then falls back into the tank below.

The unit can then be dressed in black or white.

Our specialise team then test the digital waterfall feature.

You should allow at least a six hour window for set-up and testing.

  • We require a flat surface to build the digital waterfall on.
  • Active power: 1400W.
  • Number of standard electrical sockets (16A): two for a machine with a length of 5m and less, or three for a machine with a length of 6m and wider.
  • Surface resistant to pressure of <300 kg/m2.

Under normal conditions, the falling water will not spray out of the tank noticeably. However, it cannot be ruled out that water will not wet the floor as a result of wind, viewers touching streams of water, during assembly or disassembly.

For outdoor use, winds over seven knots can deform falling images and cause water to fall outside the tank or wet people nearby.

To reduce the risk of wind:

  • Place the water printer in front of a wall or artificial background, protected against the wind
  • Put the machine sideways to the wind. 
  • Do not place the machine in constrictions e.g. between buildings, where the wind increases.

The product is manufactured and supplied by Wordfall who are based in Poland. Our team of highly-skilled technicians would manage the installation of the project for you in the UK.


Obviously water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, but our pumps are IP68 rated and specifically designed for this purpose, so a digital waterfall is actually very safe.

Key considerations:

  • Any events where small children are attending will need to ensure that they are supervised as the water tank poses a risk.
  • Legionella’s disease is often a concern for many event organisers when an airborne water element is included. Luckily, Entertainment Effects take all the necessary health and safety measures to avoid this, which you can learn more about on our Water Special Effects page.


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