Flames can create a great atmosphere for many events from product launches, music performances to big match days, they can be used in addition to firework displays or are just as effective alone. Our state of the art flame projector operates both indoor and out producing a variety of flame special effects from tall flame jets to delicate fire balls.


We have a range of versatile flame projectors that offer a number of interesting features. They can be used indoor and outdoor and with easy installation and removal are perfect for events where an area needs to be cleared quickly.

The system is computer programmable with a state of the art firing system which enables us to fire the flames with split second accuracy, giving us the ability to synchronise displays in time to music creating a spectacular show.

Flame heights varying between 2.5 and 8m can be achieved depending on application.


The indoor unit is very compact measuring only 35cm and utilising an internal gas canister. The unit can be positioned on the floor or attached to a truss, it can also fire sideways or even upside down to create flame heights of up to 3m.

An external gas canister can be attached to gain a larger flame up to 8m (ceiling height dependant). The flames can be fired wirelessly or via a DMX desk.

A warning light flashes when the system is armed to provide a warning to performers that the system is armed.

Indoor Flames
Flames London


The outdoor system requires an external gas canister, which we have neatly built into a small flight case. We have specialist trolleys enabling us to move up to 4 flames around a venue quickly for install and de-rig.

This type of flame special effect is susceptible to the wind but can reach heights of 6-7m in calm conditions.

The flames can be fired wirelessly or via a DMX desk.


The 5-way flame operates using a pressurised liquid fuel. Each of the flame jets are controlled individually enabling them to be fired independently or together in various combinations.

This unit is not wireless so requires power and a DMX desk.

Flames can reach 10m in height but a larger safety exclusion zone is required because of the angles of the flames.

Flame Jets
Flame Bar


The flame bar is an additional feature which can be added onto the indoor or outdoor flame units.

It produces a 2m wide and 0.5m high wall of flame, perfect for placing along the front line of a stage or using to surround a performer or trophy for example.


Flame Boxes
Christmas at Kew
Kew Gardens, London
Flames TV
BBC 6 Nations VT
Flame Projector
Chelsea FC Open Day
Stamford Bridge
Flame Special Effects