Our team of special effects experts have a vast amount of experience in supplying mesmerising indoor pyrotechnic displays at events big and small across the UK, creating an unforgettable, unique atmosphere for audiences and guests.


Our range of indoor visual effects is suitable for a number of different occasions, including:

  • Large Weddings
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Music Concerts
  • TV Productions
  • Product Launches


Using pyrotechnics indoors can be very challenging and many of our traditional products such as our comets, gerb fountains and mines don’t get off the ground, generally due to the lack of space, Health and Safety concerns or restrictions from venues.



For indoor events, our team tend to use smaller products and a more limited range, but the good news is that there is a brand-new product on the market – Sparkular, which overcomes many of the traditional problems.

What is Sparkular?

Sparkular is a state of the art machine which omits a large plume of brightly coloured sparks, similar but much more advanced than a pyrotechnic gerb.

Traditional pyrotechnic effects burn as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and cannot be stopped once started. In comparison, the Sparkular machine operates at a cool temperature and the sparks themselves are not flammable, meaning much smaller safety exclusion spaces are needed.

The cold fallout means that audiences can enjoy the stunning visual display in complete safety.

How does Sparkular work?

The machine offers the operator total control, enabling them to start and stop the effect at any time. Our engineers can control the height, volume and duration as well as linking several machines together to create dynamic, pre-programmed displays.

Entertainment Effects used Sparkular for an impressive indoor pyro display at the World Darts Championships.

Our go-to machine for indoor pyro


  • Safer than traditional fireworks.
  • Completely environmentally friendly.
  • Has an industry first ‘No Smell’ effect.
  • Audiences can benefit from reduced safety distances.
  • Has a low smoke output.
  • Offers a non-pyrotechnic fountain display with total control.
  • Content is non-explosive or hazardous.
  • Customers are given the unique ability to independently control duration and height.

Want to create a dramatic effect to elevate a stage performance or enhance your product launch or award ceremony with a breath-taking display?

Our highly experienced team can help you devise the perfect indoor pyro effect to suit your needs.



Flame Bursts

  • Measure only 35cm with an internal gas canister.
  • Can be positioned on the floor or attached to a truss to fire sideways or upside down.
  • Flame heights reach anywhere between 3-8 metres.
  • Fired wirelessly or via a DMX desk.

Flame Bars

  • Produce a 2m wide/0.5m high wall of flames.



  • CO2 Jets are perfect for repeat usage.
  • Performers and guests can walk through the CO2 without danger.
  • Multiple CO2 jets can be utilised to create an exciting chase sequence.
  • Reduced safety distance of only 2 metres.


We always aim to install our products as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

There are several factors to take into consideration when arranging a set-up.

Elements include:

  • If a stage is to be installed then this needs to be considered in the Health & Safety calculation, as does anything hung in the ceiling such as a truss/lighting.
  • You can’t have an explosive product without creating some smoke, so our team need to consider this, especially when setting up indoors.
  • Safety distances to the audience and any performers or crew.
  • Space for us to position our products on the stage or ceiling.
  • Any other activates that are taking place as part of the event which may affect our operation, for example dancers or hosts/comperes.
  • How we will manoeuvre our equipment in or out of the venue and whether there are any obstacles to overcome. Is there is lift access for example, should we be setting-up on a higher level?
  • Emergency exits and their locations within the venue as these will need to be kept clear.
  • Smoke alarms, which often need to be turned off but can be isolated to a specific area.
  • We often have to work in the dark as lighting designers require darkness to test their programming. Our specialist team bring personal lighting in the form of head torches, enabling us to set-up safely and efficiently.


Indoor events generally have more restrictions than those hosted outdoors, mostly due to the amount of space available to use. In order to combat space restrictions, we need to consider what range of products we can utilise.

Our range of indoor pyro products include anything from Flames and CO2 jets (which don’t produce smoke) to our innovative new product, Sparkular.


Indoor pyrotechnic shows in general are relatively short, probably averaging less than 20 seconds. Alternatively, they will be made up of several short bursts across a longer show of up to 3-4 hours.


Certain manufacturers specialise in different pyro products, so we purchase from a variety of companies depending on what our clients require.

Our largest manufacturer of stage pyrotechnics is Le Maître. Their product is distributed throughout the world and renowned as the very best.


One key difference between outdoor and indoor pyro is that for indoor, we have to consider ceiling height as well as considering safety distances from the audience and any performers or crew.

At Entertainment Effects, we take our commitment to Health and Safety very seriously.

  • All client projects are covered by £10m public liability insurance.
  • Specific risk assessments and method statements are supplied as appropriate.
  • All customers are provided with a Job Specific Health & Safety Document.

Read more about the specific Health & Safety precautions taken.


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