We have a range of inflatable branded products which can bring a brand to life. Products include: Totem Poles, Archways, Product Replicas, Windy Men, Custom Shapes and Characters.



The product is made up of a lightweight base with a built in light and fan. The material tube is attched tightly to the base with a velcro strip.

  • White tubes can be colour lit
  • The tube can be directly printed on
Branded Inflatables
Inflatable Arch


A range of special effects can be attached to the truss to mark the special moment when VIP’s pass through including:

  • Flames
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Lights

Smaller safety distances can be used due to the direction the product is fired, away from the individuals.


The finish line is iconic in any race and often provides a key photographic moment when the winner crosses the line in victory.

The finish line is a great marketing space to get the main sponsors name in prime position and course the back page photographs.

Inflatable Characters
Inflatable Products


We like to create different shapes and designs that compliment the event.

For a recent Rugby Game we created a large Rugby Post structure which the players ran through while we fired pyrotechnics out the side and from the top.