Confetti Shower at Arsenal’s F.A. Cup Victory Parade

Arsenal are the F.A. Cup’s most successful football team with thirteen victories, as well as Arsene Wenger being the most successful manager with an incredible seven wins to his name.

As the final whistle was blown at Wembley and the players and fans celebrated, the team at Entertainment Effects started to put the wheels in motion to activate a plan for the following day’s victory parade around North London. We were due to be providing Special Effects for the team when they returned to the stadium, which in this instance was a huge confetti shower utilising eight Master Blaster and four Stadium Shot Confetti Machines.

Victory parades have to be planned well in advance of the match before the result is known, so the job is not always guaranteed.

The club doesn’t want to pay full price for the services if they end up not utilising them, so a flexible approach has to be delivered by all suppliers.

The Entertainment Effects team agreed two prices with the client (a fire and non-fire charge), so, in turn, we push our suppliers for some flexibility to help us achieve this.

  • We negotiate orders for equipment such as the CO2 gas to power the Master Blaster confetti machines on a sale or return basis.
  • We ask our staff to be flexible so that they hold the date in preparation to work, but we won’t confirm the job until the end of the game the night before. That way, if needs be, we can cancel without charge and therefore save the client money.
Arsenal won and our plan rolled seamlessly into action! Thousands of fans cheered and celebrated with their football heroes whilst thousands of red and white confetti shapes fell from the sky around the Emirates Stadium.