Bespoke Water Fountain for Zeo Drinks Promotion

Soft drinks brand Zeo secured the services of TV presenter Caroline Flack as brand ambassador for a new ‘no added sugar range’ product launch. Part of the marketing campaign involved creating some print media and Zeo wanted to include some water jets as part of the photoshoot, so they called our team to see what we could suggest to enhance the pictures.


Water can be particularly difficult to photograph, mainly due to its transparency so this is something that we had to overcome.


There are three main ways to make water more visible in photography:

  • Dye the water
  • Illuminate the water
  • Aerate the water

On this occasion we decided that aerating the water was the best approach. The photographer needs to control the lighting of the whole studio to capture the best shot, so us adding extra lighting was likely to cause issues. Dying water often causes staining of clothes or skin so we wanted to avoid that option.

We started by choosing a thick nozzle meaning a greater volume of water and a wider jet would be produced, which is more visible. We then carefully positioned the nozzles so that when the water reaches its peak height it falls back on itself. The collusion causes a disruption of the water and allows the air to be mixed in. The distortion of the water increases it visibility.


The water jets of are very clearly visible within the photos so we achieved our objective. As each of the jets were controllable it enabled us to turn off the central jets, meaning a selection of photos were taken where Caroline remained dry but surrounded by water. Later on in the shoot we turned all the jets on to get a different picture where Caroline was drenched.