LED Bubble Wall for Selfridges Tom Ford Shop Window – Oxford Street

Tom Ford were launching a range of fragranced shower products and they wanted to create an eye catching window display in Selfridges, Oxford Street.
The client wanted to have a moving water element in the window display to attract the attention of passers by. Our team suggested a Rain Curtain but they felt that the large flow of water might distort the view of the products and imagery behind. Bubble Tubes were also considered but the tubes couldn’t provide a seamless wall as their bases are wider than the tubes, meaning that there would be gaps between the tubes.
We had to go back to the drawing board and look for an alternative option – in which we devised a custom LED Bubble Wall.

We spoke with the fabricators who build our Bubble Tubes and designed a new product – made from two acrylic sheets, glued together in order to be water tight with a small void in the middle which could be filled with water. Then, a small air pump positioned in the base would pump air into the water chamber, producing bubbles which would slowly rise through the wall to reach the top.

We manufactured ten Bubble Walls, each measuring 1 metre wide by 2 metres tall. The walls were designed so that they could be positioned flush, right next to each other, to make a continuous seamless feature. Our team added some LED lighting to enhance the visibility of the water and installed it the Selfridges Oxford Street window.
It looked fantastic and thousands of shoppers stopped to admire or take pictures of the feature, drawing attention to the Tom Ford brand.



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