Skincare brand Garnier were launching their brand new product range – SkinActive Moisture Bomb, a Moisture Bomb duo comprising of a day and night cream for healthy, glowing skin.

The P.R. launch event took place at the Ice Tank in London and the client wanted to highlight the moisturising qualities of the new product range during the event. They asked us to provide some of our water effects to theme the event space and to showcase the product samples.


We set ourselves a challenge within this project to totally redesign our rain curtain. We only used to make them occasionally so we made everyone from scratch, mainly using a wooden frame. This was time-consuming, expensive, and not very environmentally friendly. As a result, we decided to look for a flexible, reusable solution that we could roll-out from one event to the next.


We bought a slim lightweight truss which we used to make the goalpost structure. This is very flexible in size, with increments of 25cm and a maximum span of 10m. We then created a slimline wooden surround for the truss which was wrapped in vinyl. We were not able to eliminate the use of wood completely, but we significantly reduced the quantity, and what we did use, we were able to be reuse for future events.

Bubble tubes used in garnier shop window
Bubble tubes used in a blue LED lit room