Rain Curtain for Justin Bieber Waxwork at Madame Tussauds

With a #1 album in over 100 countries and sold out worldwide tours, Justin Bieber is a global superstar. Success like this means Justin deserves his place in the world famous Madame Tussauds attraction in London.

Justin’s exhibit is inspired by the jaw dropping climax from his tour – the experience will include the recreation of the spectacular rain shower finale and that’s where we were asked for our expertise.


Having free flowing water in a live exhibition with the general public passing through is always a concern for event organisers.

We have designed the Rain Curtain to virtually eliminate any splash, however, this was a semi-permanent installation running for 8-10 hours a day with thousands of inquisitive children who would be looking to put their hands in the water (which would then disturb the falling water).


We developed a two pronged solution:

  • Firstly, we built a large custom tank with a grated top, allowing visitors to stand on the tank but enabling the water to pass through.
  • Secondly, we incorporated an infrared sensor into the design which would automatically shut off the water if people stepped too close. We used the same technology that you’d have in a security light outside your home, which turns on when people walk in its path. We reversed the circuitry so that rather than turning on the feature, it shut it off.


The Justin Bieber Rain Curtain exhibit was a great success, attracting thousands of visitors to the London attraction. The sensor and tank did their jobs and the water was contained so that the exhibit was able to remain open throughout its stay.

Following its success in London, Justin was moved to Las Vegas, but unfortunately we didn’t get asked to complete that installation.



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