Scottish Rugby are one of our longest running clients and we’ve been providing special effects at BT Murrayfield for the past 20 years. We regularly provide flame effects for The Six Nations Tournament and the Autumn Internationals.


Even though we’ve probably completed more than 100 jobs at the stadium, the main challenge we face is the unpredictable Scottish weather, especially at the time of the year our events are scheduled.


There isn’t a way for us to control the weather, especially the wind which is not our friend. What we can do is monitor the forecast in the days leading up to a match and have an agreed back-up plan in place so we’re not just reacting on the day when we don’t have time to get approval from health and safety for plan amendments.

The rain is a nuisance but it doesn’t really affect the products too badly. That being said, some products do perform better in the wind such as our pyrotechnics, however flame effects are very susceptible to strong gusts. 


Because we have such great knowledge of the stadium, we know which areas are best protected from the wind, depending on which direction it is blowing from. The stands are also differing heights (the main stand being much taller), and it can create strange patterns of wind inside the bowl. 

For this reason, we locate our products accordingly and we have different setups for different conditions. Additionally, we include different layout options in our risk assessment and confirm the one we’re using following a flame test which takes place a couple of hours before kick-off. The final result being that we nearly always get the upper hand on the unpredictable weather, producing nice tall vertical jets of fire.