Sparkular for Wedding Arrival and First Dance

The Sparkular has become a very popular addition to weddings across the UK, providing a touch of razzmatazz to the key moments and a spectacular backdrop for photographs, just like this amazing wedding created by SNOB Events and Kudos AV.


Wedding venues are often very congested and can include several hundred guests who are unaware of Indoor Pyrotechnic effects. Space is often at a premium, with dining tables taking up much of the floor space.

There may be a dance-floor area which can be utilised, but it’s likely to be open for anyone to walk on, compared to a music or stage production where the stage is most likely to be out of bounds for the audience.


The Sparkular provides a unique solution to many of these problems, compared to traditional pyrotechnics.

The product can be operated in very small safety distances, as little as one metre, meaning it can be fired in close proximity to wedding guests. We usually position the machines in a line, meaning it’s only the two machines on the end which require special attention.

Our team of specialists always brief the individuals who are in very close proximity of the indoor pyro products in advance of the firing, to ensure they’re aware of what’s going to happen and to maintain a safe distance. We also have a member of staff positioned at each end of the products in order to monitor the safety area.


By focusing our briefings on a small group of people close to the Sparkular product, we maintained the surprise element for the majority of the other guests.

The happy couple were delighted with the sparkle effect and how beautiful it looked in their wedding photos.