Sparkular for World Darts Championships in London

Over the years we’ve supplied Special Effects to all manner of sporting events. Initially, it was major events in rugby, football and athletics, but this has since diversified to include netball, badminton, diving and swimming.

We recently made contact with the team behind the PDC World Darts Championships and they were that impressed with our range of Indoor Pyrotechnic products that they invited us down to one of there events to discuss what we could achieve.


The first challenge we came across was the relatively small stage area that our team had to work with, and therefore small safety distances from the crowd, players and officials.

The second problem was symmetry – we found a solution for one side of the stage, but due to camera positioning, player entrance routes and staircases it was impossible to replicate the effects on one side of the stage. So, despite numerous efforts, we didn’t manage to find a solution that satirised us or the client. 

But, we didn’t give up! Over the coming years we continued to look for a new solution and finally after three years we finally managed to make it to the tournament and add darts to our long list of sporting events.


Our indoor pyro product Sparkular enabled us to operate in the small space available on stage, as well as in close proximity to the event crew.

The product was used for the player entry onto the stage and after the winning dart for the quarter, semi and final matches.


The client was so pleased with the effects that they booked us to go on a sixteen week tour of the UK and Europe for the Premier League Darts Championships.



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