Wedding Pyrotechnics at a Hotel in Hertfordshire

We were approached by a Groom who wanted to surprise his Bride when they arrived at their hotel for the evening following the wedding reception.


The Groom didn’t have anything specific in mind, he just wanted to end the evening in style with something impactful and that would surprise his wife when she thought all the excitement for the day was over.

The obvious choice for a wedding finale is a Firework display. However UK law states that Fireworks can not be fired after 23:00 (except on 5 specific dates like New Years Eve) due to the noise pollution. With the expected arrival time at the hotel around 23:30 Fireworks had to be ruled out.


We instead opted for some quiet pyrotechnics. We lined the entrance driveway to the hotel with some long duration gerb fountains.


The chauffeur was briefed to drive slowly, as he drew level with the first position the products were fired. Out of the darkness huge plumes of golden sparks burst from the ground to create a beautiful wall of light which burned for the duration of the final approach to the hotel.

As the car reached the front of the hotel, another single burst of pyrotechnics either side of the entrance was fired to illuminate the beautiful hotel.