Pyrotechnic special effects are a great addition to any event, whether they are used alone or as an accessory to a display, we can guarantee they will make maximum impact. Using only the highest quality and zero debris products with a state of the art firing system enables us to fire the pyrotechnic products with split second accuracy. This then gives us the ability to synchronise displays in time with music to create a spectacular show.

Our pyro products are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and durations enabling us to work in almost any venue.


The following products are some of our most versatile. Please read below to understand more about our range.


A comet creates a shooting burst of light, producing a similar effect to that of a shooting  star. A star is propelled and as it travels sparks trail behind leaving a sparkling tail, the comet then disappears without any fallout. They can be fired individually or several at a time as per the picture (right).

Available in a variety of sizes (heights) ranging from 8m to 45m.

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A Gerb is a jet of sparks creating a dazzling plume, they come in different heights and can last various lengths of time. Gerb’s make a great entrance feature or several together can produce a dramatic display for various events. Gerbs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Available in durations from half a second to 20 seconds and reaching heights between 2m and 15m


Mines are similar to comets as they release multiple small bursts which each individually have a sparkling tail trailing behind, they are jetted into the same direction and naturally spread out producing a spectacular fan-shaped effect. These pyro special effects can be used indoors and outdoors.

Available in a variety of sizes (heights) ranging from 2M to 55m.

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