Our multi-beam Spaceflower searchlights are a great way to attract attention to any event. The multiple beams shine in different directions creating a mesmerising fan effect, if the beams are projected onto a surface a dazzling flower effect is created. The lights can be in a still position or rotate multi directional. One of our most popular searchlights with a light source of 3000 watts, the Spaceflower searchlight cannot fail to make your location the centre of attention.​​



Space Flowers produce 36 beams of light in 3 rings that penetrate into the night sky for a distance of up to 3 km (1.8 miles). The rings revolve slowly clockwise and anticlockwise whilst also contracting and expanding, generating a pulsing effect. The beams project at a maximum angle of about 45 degrees to the horizontal and scan sideways up to 120 degrees. This unit can be plugged into a standard 13Amp wall socket. These units can also be DMX controlled if required.

Prices start from £336 incl. VAT and transport.

Spaceflower Light


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The following prices are for single units and inclusive of delivery, collection and VAT. If you require 3 or more lights for your event then please contact us for a personalised quote, or you can arrange transport yourself and we will reduce the price accordingly. See below for further delivery information

Spaceflower£366£470£680Upon Enquiry


All our products, new and used are available for purchase. Please contact us for up to date purchase prices.


We can arrange delivery / collection for the day of your event or one day either side, which gives you the chance to set the light up and have a practice.  All our lights are delivered in a flightcase, on wheels are pictured right.

​The following delivery options are available

– Courier Service (TNT) will deliver direct to your door. For standard delivery we can not provide a specific delivery time, only a window between 09:00 – 17:00.

For an extra charge of £30 ​per unit we can request a morning slot for delivery before mid-day.  The collection timings are more flexible.

– Personal Collection from our warehouse in Hatfield, Herts AL10 9BB. If you have your own van and want to collect and return a light yourself then we will reduce the cost of your hire (by circa £120).  Please check the dimensions and weights before booking as the lights are very large.  We have a ramp but you will also need to consider getting the light in and out of the van as they weigh in the region of 100kg’s each.

– Dedicated Delivery can be arranged by ourselves, this is usually beneficial for local and/or larger deliveries (3 or more lights). When delivering ourselves we can be more flexible with providing a specific delivery time.