5 Finger Flame Machine

From Β£300.00 p.w.

5 Finger Flame systems are becoming more popular at outdoor events, creating huge flame effects up to 10m high in an array of colours.

This Hansol FX Sunshine Single system has the ability to fire 1 – 5 flame fingers at any time, programming them to synchronise the effect to lighting, laser and musical cues during an event. Another popular use for this outdoor flame system is to create fire dances when using multiple units, perfect for an added effect at fireworks displays.


Features & Specifications

  • Operates using a pressurised liquid fuel.
  • Can fire multiple flame colour choices (red, green, blue, yellow, purple & natural).
  • Each of the flame jets are controlled individually, enabling them to be fired independently or together in various combinations.
  • This unit is not wireless so requires power and a DMX desk.
  • Flames can reach 10 metres in height, but a larger safety exclusion zone is required because of the angles of the flames.
  • Adjustable flame heights of 13ft to 20ft.
  • Continuous flames or up to 1000 flame jets (per 3L of fuel).
  • Reliable ignition.
  • 6-channel DMX control.
  • Compact, robust and resistant design.
  • 5-Master liquid fuel.
  • Indoor and outdoor (if protected from rain and wind).

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