Our team of specialists work with large brands across the UK, installing a varied range of water special effects in shop windows, at product launches, corporate award ceremonies and more.

Our product range is extensive, with eight visually stunning effects to choose from.

For clients with a specific vision in mind, we also build bespoke water features suited to any venue or theme.


Click on one of the images below to find out more and read some of our specific case studies.


A row of falling water which can be enhanced with coloured lights to reflect off each water droplet.

The opaque wall of rain is a perfect way to create a barrier between rooms or to partition an area within an open space and can be used as a backdrop for a display, as a screen or even as a striking centrepiece. The length of the rain curtain depends on your requirements (the largest installation we’ve completed to-date spread up to 10 metres in width, with a combined length of 30 metres across several curtains).

This particular water special effect an be used at both indoor and outdoor events, but is susceptible to the wind.


  • Product Display Features – Our rain curtain has been used to showcase a wide range of products including beers, watches, moisturisers, mobile phones and trainers.
  • Statement Features – The effect can be showcased as an attractive decorative feature at your event. In the past, we’ve created huge room dividers, backdrops for top tables and surrounds for wedding cakes.
  • Exhibition Stands – We’ve incorporated rain curtains into a number of exhibition stands. The falling water is a great way to draw attention to the stand or showcase waterproof features of a product.


  • Samsung – When they launched their latest phone, Samsung wanted to highlight its key waterproof feature. We built two instore rain curtain display units and suspended the phones in front of the falling water.
  • Little Mix – We’ve produced two music videos with the popular girl band including content for one of their tours.
  • L’Oréal – The global cosmetics giant were holding an intimate product launch in a hotel suite. We built them a sleek display cabinet to exhibit their latest moisturiser.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


Our dynamic fountains combine pulsing jets of water and bright LED lighting.

As the fountain moves between one shape and another, this simulates the effect that the water is dancing in time with any accompanying music.

The animated fountain can be installed for entertainment purposes at your venue – into an existing body of water such as a lake, pond or river, or alternatively, we can construct a dedicated tank.


  • Illumination Events – These pop-up events are becoming more and more popular, where enchanted forests and historical venues can be seen in a whole new light with illuminated trails and walks.
  • Weddings – Some venues will not allow firework displays, but this water special effect offers up a great alternative. Fountains can run throughout the event or be used as a showcase entertainment piece. They’re also a great backdrop for photographs!
  • University Balls  – Our fountains have proved to be very popular during the May Ball season in Cambridge, during which all colleges compete to put on the most spectacular party.


  • Kew Gardens – Christmas at Kew is a magical and enchanting after-dark trail, which has featured our dancing fountains positioned in the lake in front of the beautiful Palm House.
  • Center Parcs – When opening their latest village in Ireland, Centre Parcs were looking for an alternative to their winter wonderland fireworks entertainment. We were on hand to provide water projection screens, fountains and a light show.
  • INTU Shopping Centre – The restaurant area at Lakeside shopping centre was the perfect setting for a Christmas fountain installation to attract shoppers.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


We have a range of fountains which can be used indoors, from small decorative features to large scale bespoke builds.

Our entry-level ornamental fountain is 2.7 metres in diameter. It features a marble effect surround and central plinth with cascading water, which is illuminated by three submersible lights, alongside a perimeter ring of small intricate water jets.

We can also offer larger or rectangular fountains including custom build designs that can be incorporated on top tables, entrance walkways or stage backdrops.


  • Weddings – The ornamental fountain is the most popular for a wedding, but we have built much larger central features. Our grandest to date featured a wedding cake in the centre and a small bridge to enable the bride and groom to reach it for the cutting ceremony.
  • Theatre – We have worked with Jon Conway Productions on the World’s Biggest Panto – a spectacular arena tour. We provided eight fountains to surround the stage as part of a huge battle in Peter Pan with a giant ship.


  • LexusLexus were the tile sponsor of BBC Gardener’s World Live Exhibition and to highlight their heritage they built a Japanese Zen Garden within which our specialist team floated two of their cars on a pond in the centre.
  • Sainsbury’sTheir huge staff Christmas party was winter-themed and as part of the venue decoration, we built a colourful fountain within a woodland setting.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


We love to talk about it, it changes by the hour, it’s unpredictable – the great British weather! It rains when we don’t want it to and it doesn’t when we need it, so if you need a reliable source of the wet stuff then look no further.

Our rain effects are flexible to meet your requirements, whether you require a light shower or dramatic deluge inside or outdoors.


  • TV Shows – We’ve made it rain on a variety of TV productions, including ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Product Launches Under Armour were launching a new range of waterproof clothing and wanted to soak their ambassador, Welsh Rugby Union star Jamie Roberts. Our rain effects offered up the perfect solution!
  • PR Events  – When Hunter opened their first shop in Regents Street, a flash mob arrived on a London bus and danced in the streets under our rain shower as a finale piece.


  • The BRITS – In the past, we’ve created rain effects for Paloma Faith, Stormzy and Pink at the prestigious award ceremony, held at the O2 and beamed to millions on live TV!
  • Wella – Each year the Wella Trend Vision Awards highlight the top hairdressing talent. In recent years as part of the guest entertainment, we’ve produced an onstage rain effect within which two models performed a modern dance routine.
  • ITV  – We’ve worked on a wide range of TV productions for the infamous broadcaster.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


Water projection can provide a unique screen on which to project images and video. Its unique feature is that the screen can appear instantly from nowhere and surprise the audience with floating visuals and imagery.

There are two different methods to produce a projection screen – a vertical drop using a rain bar (which is most commonly used for indoor applications), or mounted on a truss. For larger outdoor projects, we use a plate screen which can be floated on a lake, and rather than falling, the water is pushed into the air making a semi-circle screen.


  • Illumination Events – Winter walking trails through enchanted woods and popular family events. Many of the sites contain lakes where mystical videos are played on a huge water-screen.
  • TV Shows – We’ve even provided a projection screen for Take That when they performed their song ‘The Flood’ on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Product Launches – For example, Hitachi Rail were presenting their new highspeed train at the OXO Tower in London and wanted an original way to display their product video.


  • Center Parcs – Centre Parcs were looking for something more environmentally friendly and in-keeping with their natural forest location to replace their usual fireworks displays. As a result, we provided some exciting content on a water projection screen alongside colourful water fountains and a light show.
  • The BRITS Pink was being awarded with the Lifetime Achievement award and part of her ten-minute performance included a collaboration with Freckled Sky – specialists in projection mapping. Of course, they used our water screen as their canvas.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.

Winter Wonderland

Arizona Desert

Strictly Come Dancing


If you’ve got an elaborate idea and you need to pitch the exciting concept to your client but you’ve no idea if it’s even possible, then speak to us and we can make it happen. One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is solving complex problems created by imaginative thinking.

So, if you want to recreate an Icelandic geyser or build an interactive water sculpture, then call us and we’d be delighted to hear more about your vision.

Below are some examples of our varied projects.


  • Photoshoots – For example, we’ve worked with Remington and Zeo Drinks to produce some stunning images for their print media.
  • Marketing Events – Volvic commissioned us to make a water swing feature in Edinburgh and Innocent Drinks the Worlds Largest Sprinkler in Victoria Park.
  • Product LaunchesAdidas were launching a new football boot so we created a dribbling challenge, during which Premier League Footballers had to weave in and out of jets of water.


  • SONY – This well-known brand were sponsoring the Tough Mudder endurance challenge and wanted to showcase their hardwearing products to the participants. We built an interactive fountain feature where their latest tech was displayed centre stage!
  • Lexus – Believe it or not, we had to float a half a million-pound supercar on a pond!
  • RNLI – Think back to the Splashfest event held in Battersea Park – a water-filled 2.5km obstacle course designed for kids. To highlight RNLI’s water safety, our team created one of its five interactive features.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


The possibilities are endless with our interactive digital waterfall! Produce falling sections of water to create images, shapes and letters in varying sizes. Alternatively, include a swing or platform that people can sit on and walk along – don’t worry, sensors will stop the water flow so they won’t get wet!


  • Product Launches – This product is ideal for any corporate event because of its ability to display a logo or key messages within the water. It’s a real attention grabbing feature, perfect at drawing focus towards your business.
  • Social Events – Want to WOW your guests from the very moment they arrive at your party? There is no better way than with this interactive entrance feature. The water parts allowing guests to walk in between the rain and discover the delights of your event venue on the other side.

  • Exhibition Stands – Are you looking for a way to make your exhibition area stand out from the competition? The digital waterfall can truly attract the attention of passers by – they’ll be queuing up to come and speak to you about your brand!




Producing a similar effect to the bubble tube but in a wall format! Made from acrylic, a thin void in the middle of the wall is filled with water and bubbles rise up through the chamber.

This water special effects sleek design enables multiple modules to be placed flush against each other, making a continuous wall.


  • Window Displays – Our bubble walls helped to produce a standout window feature at Selfridges in Oxford Street, London for luxury fashion brand Tom Ford.
  • Exhibition Stands – Where space is at a premium, a thin bubble wall can make an attractive feature within an exhibition stand.
  • Room Divides – Either used on their own or combined with bubbles tubes, this water special effect can make an excellent room divide allowing your guests to get a sneakpeak through to another section of your event.


  • Tom Ford – The luxury fashion brand was releasing a new fragrance and matching shower products range. They took over Selfridges key window feature to make a standout shower scene – at the forefront, a line of our bubble walls of course!
  • Speedo – The link between this brand and water is clear to see, as was the instore promotional space when our bubble walls were used to attract passers-by to the new swimwear range.
  • DEBS –  The world leader in occupational skincare and hand hygiene. When presenting a new product to the press, they wanted to brighten up their event space so filled it with bubble walls and tubes to give it a clean, clinical feel.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


 Our bubble tubes are simple, yet versatile as well as a cost-effective option for your event. This water special effect truly is a great decorative feature to brighten up a room or showcase a product.


  • Parties – Each tube has a colour changing LED so at the press of a button you can colour co-ordinate your event space.
  • Product Launches – The tubes are great for suspending products inside as they twist and move as the bubbles pass. In the past, we’ve displayed cosmetics, shaving foam and even banknotes.
  • In-Store Activation – Bubble tubes are great for drawing attention to a promotional space – they’ve been used in highstreet giants including John Lewis and Harrods!


  • Speedo – As part of a key summer promotion, Speedo secured the main promotional space in the Harrods Sportswear department. They transformed the area to look like a swimming pool and our water special effect added some moving water.
  • Ministry of Sound – The DJ booth was surrounded in colour with our multi-coloured bubble tubes lighting up the dancefloor.
  • Urban Decay – A pop-up store in Covent Garden was taken over for a PR event. To showcase the brand’s products, we suspended lip balm in multiple bubble tubes and a pink rain curtain filled the shop window.

Please click on the images to read the full case study for each project.


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