Our team of specialists work with large brands across the UK, installing a varied range of water effects in shop windows, at product launches, corporate award ceremonies and more.

Our product range is extensive, with six visually stunning effects to choose from.

For clients with a specific vision in mind, we also build bespoke water features suited to any venue or theme.



Perfect for a wide variety of events, including:

  • Product Launches
  • Parties
  • Experiential Events
  • Photo Shoots
  • TV Shows
  • Promotional Stunts

Garnier launched their brand new product range; SkinActive Moisture Bomb. We set up bubble tubes and a rain curtain at London’s Ice Tank.

We were set the task of creating the World’s Largest sprinkler for Innocent Drinks – a full working replica of your standard garden lawn sprinkler! 


We always ensure that any water used is pumped directly back into the water supply network through a toilet, sink or drain so that it can be cleaned and reused. The majority of our products are reusable too, as opposed to Fireworks, making their environmental impact minimal.


  • Our extensive range of water fountain displays can be used at both indoor and outdoor events.
  • We have static features as well as interactive models which can be programmed to dance in time with music.
  • Water can be illuminated with lights for an added, dramatic dimension.
  • Can be installed in an existing body of water such as pond, lake or river, or alternatively, we can build a custom tank to house the fountain.
  • The size of the fountain depends on your requirements (the largest installation we’ve completed to-date spread up to 80 metres wide).
Dancing Waters
Rain Curtain


  • A row of falling water which can be enhanced with coloured lights that reflect off each water droplet.
  • The opaque wall is a perfect way to create a barrier between rooms or partition an area within an open space.
  • Can be used as a backdrop for a display, as a screen or even as a striking centrepiece.
  • The length of the rain curtain depends on your requirements (the largest installation we’ve completed to-date spread up to 10 metres in width, with a combined length of 30 metres across several curtains).
  • Can be used at indoor and outdoor events (but is susceptible to the wind).


  • Can be altered to meet your requirements, whether you require a light shower or a dramatic delude.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • The flow and size of the droplets can be altered with the use of different applicators.
Rain Special Effects
Bubble Tube Hire


  • Is a mesmerising column of bubbled water enhanced with coloured light. ​ 
  • Each acrylic tube is a self-contained, free-standing structure filled with water and contains thousands of small bubbles which rise to the surface.  
  • The individual bubbles catch and reflect the bright LED located in the base of the tube, making it a striking feature.  
  • Lighting fades between a whole spectrum of colours, or specify your own to suit your chosen venue or theme.  
  • Great for decorating entrances, filling open spaces or catching people’s eye at exhibitions or club nights. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (but needs to be placed under cover for protection from any rain).   


  • A sleek, sophisticated wall of gently bubbling water.  
  • The walls have a constant flow of bubbles rising gently to the surface.  
  • Each bubble catches and reflects the bright LED lighting located in the base (the colour of the walls can be adjusted to suit the surroundings).  
  • Multiple units can be placed side-by-side to create a larger water feature. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (but needs to be placed under cover for protection from any rain). 
Bubble Walls
Water Projection Screen


Project an image or video onto water with one of two products:

  • A Water Projection Screen is a wall of falling water which allows for an image or video to be projected directly onto it. The wall is made up of very fine jets of falling water, creating a subtle mist whilst producing a flat surface onto which your image or video can be projected. 
  • A Plate Screen is for outdoor use and can be positioned on the surface of a lake or pond. Water is fired directly at a special plate which then forces the water up and into the air, creating a semi-circular wall of water onto which your image or video can be projected upon. 


We like a challenge here at Entertainment Effects and have completed a number of bespoke design projects including The World’s Largest Sprinkler for Innocent Drinks 

So, if you haven’t already seen the exact water special effect that you’re looking for amongst our products, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Custom Water Feature


Many events have a very short set-up time from when the venue is made available until when the guests arrive, which can make things difficult.    

The longest aspect of the installation is usually the filling of the water. All of our water effects can be filled with the use of a regular tap, usually located in a kitchen, toilet, bar or maybe an external tap in the garden. However, as we don’t always know the exact flow rate of the water until we arrive, we can only estimate the required set-up time. If we’re working to very short turnaround times, our team of specialists bring the water with them to avoid any supply issues. 

Access isn’t usually too difficult as the products often come in sections and are assembled once in position. 


  • Weight – If we’re building a large fountain on a stage for example, the weight loading has to be carefully considered and cleared to ensure that it can safely take the weight. 
  • Power Supply – All of our products contain a pump and/or lights, so we need specific power supplies which will be highlighted to the client and venue from the outset of enquiry. 
  • Weather – Wind needs to be considered if products are to be used outside. Water that is designed to fall in a tank can be blown sideways, therefore missing the tank, which can result in the product running dry and needing to be turned off. The spray from water can also soak guests or surrounding venue elements. 


There aren’t really any restrictions to the time that the water effects can run for. Once they’ve been installed, we like clients to get as much value for money as possible.

We’ve installed products for parties and product launches that have only been in position for two hours, but other effects have been installed for a 6 week period, so it really depends on your requirements and budget.  



The combination of water and electricity 

  • We regularly PAT test all of our products to minimise the risk of any electrical shocks.   
  • The majority of our products involve moving water created with the use of a range of pumps. We stock a range of pumps specifically designed to be submerged under water, making them extremely safe and well-designed. Our larger, computerised installations also require the pumps to be plugged into a lighting dimmer control system. These dimmers contain fuses or trip switches (much like you have in your own home), so if there are any individual problems with a pump, the trip switch acts as a safety feature, helping us to identify and rectify any problems quickly. 

The weight of the water feature 

  • Weight loading has to be carefully considered and cleared to ensure that the loading area (be it a stage or platform) can safely take the weight of your chosen product. 

The risk of Legionella’s Disease 

Legionella’s disease is a form of pneumonia caused by a bacteria, naturally found in fresh water. The disease thrives in warm water between 25 and 45 degrees C (77 and 133 F) and is usually spread through small water droplets (aerosolization), like a mist that people can breathe in.   

Preventing Legionella’s with our Water Safety Plan:  

  • Very few of our water features reach the temperature where the bacteria is active. We regularly monitor and record the water temperature to ensure that it remains outside the risk boundaries. 
  • The vast majority of our products involve moving water which is circulated through a very simple network of pipes or hoses. We ensure that there are no complex sections with dead ends in which water can stagnate. 
  • A chemical biocide and chlorination tablets are used to periodically disinfect the water effect systems.  
  • Bacteria only multiplies in the right conditions, so we refresh the water supply periodically for installations lasting between 5-7 days. 


Our Work

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Illuminated Fountain Display
University May Ball
Bespoke Water Fountain
Zeo Drinks Promotion
Rain Curtain
Paloma Faith at The BRIT Awards


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