If you’re looking for Aquabatics then we’re still here, we’ve just changed our name, but you’ll still find all the same great products here. If this is your first time visiting us then welcome to the Water Special Effects Department of Entertainment Effects.

We’re water display specialists providing a varied range of products for the event industry, so if you’re looking to launch a new product, decorate a shop window, create rainfall in a theatre or anything else involving water then you’re in the right place.


Dancing Waters


We offer an extensive range of fountain products that can be used for events both indoors and out. We have static features as well as interactive models which can be programmed to dance in time with music. The water can also be illuminated with lights to dramatic effect.

We can install fountains in an existing body of water such as pond, lake or river, alternatively we can build a custom tank to house the fountains.


A Rain Curtain is a row of falling water which can be enhanced with coloured light that reflects off each droplet of water making it a very eye catching feature. The opaque wall is a perfect way to create a barrier between rooms or partition an area within an open space. The rain curtain can be used as backdrops for displays, as screens or even as striking centrepieces.

Rain Curtain
Rain Special Effects


Our Rain Effects can be altered to meet your requirements, whether you require a light shower or a dramatic delude inside or outdoors. We can alter flow and the size of the droplets by using different applicators.

Please give us a call to talk about your particular project.


A Bubble Tube is a mesmerising column of bubbled water which is enhanced with coloured light. ​The colour can be chosen from a wide variety to suit the surroundings or it can fade between a whole spectrum of colours . The individual bubbles catch and reflect the bright LED located in the base of the bubble tube making it a striking feature. Each acrylic tube is a self-contained free-standing structure filled with water and contains thousands of small bubbles which rise to the surface. They’re great for decorating entrances, filling open spaces or catching people’s eye for exhibitions or club nights.

Bubble Tube Hire
Bubble Walls


A Bubble Wall is a sleek sophisticated wall of gently bubbling water. The walls have a constant flow of bubbles rising gently to the surface, each bubble catches and reflects the bright LED lighting located in the base.

The colour of the walls can be adjusted suiting the surroundings and multiple units can be places side by side creating a larger water feature.


We like a challenge here at Entertainment Effects and have completed a number of bespoke design projects so if you haven’t seen exactly what you’re looking for amongst our products then please do give us a call and we’ll be delighted to discuss any water based projects.

Custom Water Feature
Water Projection Screen


There are two products which enable projection onto water by using falling water or firing water upwards:

  • Water Projection screen is a wall of falling water which allows for an image or video to be projected directly onto it. The wall is made up of very fine jets of falling water to create a subtle mist producing a flat surface onto which you project.
  • A Plate Screen is for outdoor use and can be positioned on the surface of a lake or pond. Water is fired directly at a special plate which then forces the water up in the air creating a semi-circular wall of water which can be projected upon.