A water projection screen is a wall of falling water which allows for an image or video to be projected directly onto it. The wall is made up of very fine jets of falling water to create a subtle mist producing a flat surface.  Your chosen images, logos, wording or video footage are then projected onto this.

The water projection system is a great alternative to a standard projection screen as it can be used to fill large spaces up to 10m wide. Adding a real sense of theatre to large events, water projection is ideal for outdoor spectaculars, awards ceremonies and live performances. As the projection can be created to appear from nowhere, this product is highly versatile and dramatic.


The projection has to take place from the rear so the product cannot be positioned against a wall. The area behind the wall where the projector is located must be as dark as possible, so a black box (using truss or pipe and drape) must be constructed.

The result is elegant and eye-catching, but the image is not HD quality. The best results are achieved by viewing the screen at a distance in excess of 5m. When considering designs to be displayed remember to consider that small text is not clearly visible. The image bleeds through the water and can be visible on low ceilings in front of the screen.

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